3D Blues band

San Diego based blues trio

Vocalist and lifelong harmonica player Dave Churchville grew up in Philadelphia and moved to San Diego in 2000.  Guitarist Dave Weigel is from Pittsburgh, Kansas, and learned to play in the Peace Corps in the Fiji Islands. They first met at a guitar class in 2004 and struck up a friendship and passion for learning and playing the blues that has lasted 20 years. Six years later, neighbor and veteran bass player Bob Derman (raised in upstate New York) joined up and together they formed the 3D Blues Band.

Having played around San Diego for over 15 years, the band focuses on classic Chicago and jump blues, with Motown and rock influences, and have started writing and recording original music in the past few years.  They play in either a trio for a more low key venue or with a drummer for higher energy engagements.

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